"Joe Browne" is an executive of the National Football League.

Joe Browne was named senior advisor to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in April 2010. “[Browne] deserves a long round of applause,” wrote Yahoo! Sports following the announcement, “[he] was certainly a great soldier for the NFL’s cause.”

In his new role, Browne remains involved with NFL Congressional and other political issues in Washington as well as local legislative matters in NFL markets. He also continues his work with NFL Charities, USA Football, and the NFL Youth Football Fund.

Browne, the longest serving employee ever in the NFL league office (1965), most recently was NFL executive vice president of communications and public affairs. He said at the time of his transition to senior advisor that he thought everyone should consider changing their career role every 45 years or so.

Browne was appointed the NFL’s first-ever vice president by then-Commissioner Paul Tagliabue in April, 1990. He was promoted to senior vice president in 1995 and executive vice president in 2002.

Mr. Browne’s league-wide areas of responsibilities over the years included NFL media relations, public relations and community affairs in North America and overseas as well as serving as chief liaison for the 32 NFL clubs in Congressional, military and other government-related matters.

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