Sister Parish
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"Sister Parish" was an American interior design/interior decorator and socialite. She was the first interior designer brought in to decorate the John F. Kennedy/Kennedy White House, a position soon usurped by French interior designer Stéphane Boudin. Despite Boudin's growing influence, Parish's influence can still be seen at the White House, particularly in the Family Dining Room and Yellow Oval Room.

A stately and occasionally Eccentricity (behavior)/eccentric white-haired lady, Parish was the design partner of Albert Hadley, a Tennessee-born decorator, with whom she co-founded Parish-Hadley Associates (1962–1999). Both were equally influential, Parish for her homey, cluttered traditionalism and passion for patchwork quilts, painted furniture, and red-lacquer secretaries and Hadley for his clean-cut take on modernism. Hadley described Parish's designs as "baroque" and "freewheeling". It was Parish's custom at the start of each project to roll a tea cart through the house, getting rid of anything she deemed unnecessary, often intimidating clients with her frank approach.

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